The Shadowman

The Shadowman

The following account is based on real events which occurred in the late summer of 1991 experienced by my late wife and myself in my Father’s home while he was away. He would not speak of the matter when he returned but indicated he had experiences with the same entity.


Awakened from her dreams startled she found her movements heavy and labored. Her foggy eyes slowly focused in the dimly lit room upon a dark figure. It stood over them on the opposite side of the bed looking down on her husband as he lay sleeping beside her. A shadow of a form, sinister and foreboding, undefined yet solid.

She felt it’s overpowering gaze but could see no discernible face just blackness, deep and bottomless. It had no features save a form suggestive of a tall man in a long trench coat wearing what appeared to be a fedora on his head.

At that moment the thing realized she was awake and it’s attention immediately fell upon her. She remembered the gun in the nightstand beside her but was unable to move to roll over and grab it. Frozen not by fear but by some force she sensed was coming from the shadow. It then moved silent to the foot of the bed just beyond her feet. It did not appear to walk but floated across the floor with no perceptible movement. It stared faceless directly at her for endless moments then turned and glided through the bedroom door and down the hall.

The instant she no longer saw the shadowy figure she was able to move. Her husband then awoke, oblivious to what had just occurred, to discover her wandering through the house with their small derringer. When he confronted her she fell into his arms trembling and breathlessly told him what she had just experienced. He was quite skeptical of it all and ushered her back to the bed, putting the gun away but leaving a light on. As they sat on the bed the dog, who had remained asleep throughout the incident, awoke and became extremely agitated. He jumped off the bed and barked, frightened and angry, into the empty dark corner of the bedroom. With much coaxing and reassurance eventually he was made to return to the foot of the bed and laid down whimpering. They attempted to lie back down and turned the lamp off leaving the room still dimly lit by the light in the hallway. The dog then slid off the foot of the bed and slammed down on the floor as if thrown down. He ran yelping out of the room and hid under the coffee table in the living room. He would not come out until the next morning and then for only moments at a time.

They moved out into the living room for the rest of the night, her now very frightened and confused and her husband now believing her account of what had occurred while he slept. She was convinced what she had seen was a demon or a malevolent spirit of some kind. They did not sleep that night as they spent the time recounting what had happened and praying. They wondered if there was a connection to the odd occurrences in the house that they now recalled such as lights going on and off by themselves, cupboards slamming in the middle of the night, strange noises, the odd sign someone had carved in the step outside the garage when the cement had been wet and a strange rust tinged spot on the ceiling of the laundry room that would always bleed back through despite being painted over many times.

The next morning they told his mother what had occurred and she contacted a friend of hers who then came and anointed and blessed the house and all the portals. They prayed together and experienced no further incident for several days.

Some nights later he was awakened once again by his wife frantically shaking him. She whispered to him. “It’s here again in the room, there in the shadows.”

He looked at the spot she was pointing to on the wall and thought he saw movement in the shadow cast by the plant. Not being sure of what he was seeing he looked about the room to see if there was a breeze maybe moving the plant. There was none. They both saw it then, the shadowed form of a man, dashed across the wall from one shadow to another as if attempting to hide within them. They did not sleep any further that night and spent the rest of the dark hours with every light on in the house and consuming many cups of coffee while she recounted to him how she was again made aware of the presence of the shadowman.

It had laid upon her this time, she was awakened by the pressure of a heavy body on hers. She had at first thought it had been her husband but when she opened her eyes and saw nothing yet was still being pinned down she tried to fight back. She wasn’t sure if what she heard next had been heard out loud with her ears or somehow inside her head. It growled, a guttural vicious growl from somewhere dark and angry, and whispered in her ear “Thanks for the job, babe.” The weight on top of her then left and she saw it’s shadowy form dash into the shadows on the wall. It was then that she was able to wake her husband.

They gathered their nerves in the light of day as that had brought a calming to the strange occurrences in the past. Exhausted and confused he grabbed her and held her tight in the hallway. Something in his peripheral vision caught his attention over her shoulder and he turned to look at the bedroom window where he noticed something seemed to be written in the dust on the glass where he was almost certain there had been nothing just moments before. They went closer and saw that from the outside there was written in the window dust a strange sign, a sigil that looked both arcane and portentous. There were two side by side a small one and a larger one The sight of them filled them both with dread and a sick empty feeling settled throughout their bodies.

Not knowing what to do at this point He took her outside and they confirmed that the gates to the back yard remained locked as did the yard of the woman next door which had to be passed through to get to their yard. The window that showed the strange markings was over seven feet off the ground, he held her up and told her to rub out the small symbol and draw a small heart next to where it had been. He then stretched up and did the same with the larger symbol, leaving a larger heart next to the spot where it had been. They felt a little better after this and went back inside. They went into the bedroom and embraced, drained and bewildered. Both of them finally feeling relief and taking comfort in the safety of each others arms, she wept softly and they could feel their hearts beating against one another. Then she saw it and let loose an anguished wail so chilling that the reason for it still haunts him to this day. On the window behind him there was now one large broken heart and the ones they had just drawn moments ago were rubbed out.

At that point they knew this was something far beyond their understanding. They gathered a select group, blessed the house, anointed the portals and desperately prayed together once more. There were no further major events after that day excepting the usual doors slamming and cupboards found open, lights turning on and off and odd noises in the night. From that point on until they moved away soon afterward they would not sleep or remain in a room without at least one light on. They felt watched until the day they left that place. They never saw the shadowman again but never believed that he had left. The fear now a part of them forever no matter how deep they tried to bury it.

Copyright © S. Melera 2015

symbol on the window

symbol on the window


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